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From Paris to Fontainebleau

From Roissy - Charles de Gaulle airport to Fontainebleau (public transportation)

  • Public Transportation:
    After having retrieved your luggage and checked customs, take ADP free bus shuttle to the Roissy Rail/RER station. Purchase a train ticket for Fontainebleau/Avon. Take the B3 RER train to Paris (direction Robinson/St-Rémy-les-Chevreuse). Make a connection at "Châtelet" and take the A4 (or A2) RER train, on the other side of the same platform (direction Marne-la-Vallée/Boissy-St-Léger). Exit at "Gare de Lyon".

    Once on the Gare de Lyon RER platform, follow the "TGV/Grandes Lignes" signs up and find the appropriate train platform using the information displayed on the train departure panel in the Gare de Lyon. It is wise to allow 10 to 15 minutes to get lost in Gare de Lyon if you do not know the layout :-) Exit at the Fontainebleau/Avon train station.

    Head to the bus station at the back of the train station, just off the track from Paris, take bus 1 that goes towards the "Château" direction. A ticket can be directly purchased with the bus driver, or just use a standard Paris T subway ticket. Exit at the "Saint Honoré" stop, just after the Chateau stop. Turn left in the first street (rue Saint-Honoré). The École des mines/MINES ParisTech entrance is on the right.

  • Rental Car:
    When no mistakes are made and no traffic jams are encountered, it's a one hour drive.

    Ask for a map and directions when picking up the car. Use Highway A104 (also known as "La Francilienne") which goes around the east side of Paris (direction Paris-Est, Marne la Vallée, Melun). Be careful since the Francilienne is not easy to follow, being made up of sections of other highways; watch out for the "Francilienne" signals. Ignore the first exit toward Melun, the exit towards Melun-Sénart and take the exit for Melun, by N105. Do not get into Melun and follow signs for Fontainebleau. In Fontainebleau, keep straight in rue Grande, until the Chateau (castle) intersection. (If need be, use the enclosed map to find your way through Fontainebleau). Follow rue Royale on your right. Take the second crossing street on the right (rue Saint-Honoré).

    The École des Mines/MINES ParisTech entrance is on the left. You can park your car on the premises or in your hotel parking lot (subject to availability). The Ibis parking lot has automatic gates which open as you drive towards them.

In Fontainebleau

Agrandir le plan

To find your way on the MINES ParisTech Fontainebleau campus

More information

Office du Tourisme de Fontainebleau
Hôtel d'Albe - 9/11, rue Royale
Tel.: +33 (0) 1 60 39 60 39
Fax: +33 (0) 1 60 39 60 40
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